I help people who want to stop addictive behaviour without feeling judged. Most people wanting recovery feel utterly hopeless because everything they’ve tried has not led to long-term addiction-free living.

I work with two types of people. Brave individuals just starting their journey of recovery. I am also privileged to work with people fresh from a relapse and looking for new recovery tools and ways of being.

Organizations, non-profits, charities and treatment centres come to me when they are looking to share holistic, non-denominational and inclusive recovery programs to the communities and families they serve.

Does this sound like you?

“I’m really good at stopping. But I’m not so good at staying stopped.”

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“I wouldn’t wish addiction on my worst enemy. But I would wish the gifts of recovery on every single human being.”

As a recovery coach and educator, I help people and organizations bridge the gap between addiction and recovery.

For more than 12 years, I have been in long-term recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. My recovery has taken me from detox centres to treatment centres. I’ve journeyed through 12 Step programs, holistic healing programs and trauma-informed counselling.

Every attempt at recovery is a piece of the puzzle leading us toward a better, stronger and more authentic life.

Whether you’re a person looking for 1:1 addiction support or an organization looking for recovery-focused workshops, I listen mindfully to where you are, what you want and why you’re willing to change. 

I won’t ever claim to have all the answers but I do know this: the person you dream of becoming is possible.

If you are ready to receive support and guidance as you navigate the most challenging and transformative time of your life, please reach out. All inquiries are 100% confidential.

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The term “coach” originally meant a horse-drawn carriage that delivered a person from where they were to where they wanted to live, work and play. Recovery coaching is essentially the same. I support you on your journey as you move through the darkness of addiction into the light of recovery. Weekly sessions (virtual or in-person) build confidence, courage and creativity as you build a new and empowered life that makes you feel proud of who you have worked so hard to become.

Reach out for a free, confidential consultation to see if this is the right choice for you.

Sober Companion

Working with a sober companion is a powerful signal you are ready for recovery. When people are just out of treatment, they are facing the most tumultuous choices in the “real world,” especially high-risk events like family gatherings. I offer 24-hour support by living with you so we can incorporate healthy routines and habits into daily life. I also help you connect with a recovery community that aligns with your personality, beliefs and values. A sober companion is a powerful way to secure healthy, permanent recovery.

Find out more about this service.

Interactive Workshops

My workshops shine a light on addiction and how recovery changes lives at home and at work. Community partners such as businesses, non-profits and treatment centres come to me when they are looking for new skillsets and mindsets that help colleagues, clients and/or families rethink how addiction and recovery shape our lives, workplaces and communities. Leadership teams work with me prior to a workshop so the material is customized, targeted and a reflection of the organization’s culture, beliefs and values.

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