The term “coach” originally meant a horse-drawn carriage that delivered a person from where they were to where they wanted to live, work and play. Recovery coaching is essentially the same. I support you on your journey as you move through the darkness of addiction into the light of recovery. Weekly sessions (virtual or in-person) build confidence, courage and creativity as you build a new and empowered life that makes you feel proud of who you have worked so hard to become.

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Sober Companion

Working with a sober companion is a powerful signal you are ready for recovery. When people are just out of treatment, they are facing the most tumultuous choices in the “real world,” especially high-risk events like family gatherings. I offer 24-hour support by living with you so we can incorporate healthy routines and habits into daily life. I also help you connect with a recovery community that aligns with your personality, beliefs and values. A sober companion is a powerful way to secure healthy, permanent recovery.

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Interactive Workshops

My workshops shine a light on addiction and how recovery changes lives at home and at work. Community partners such as businesses, non-profits and treatment centres come to me when they are looking for new skillsets and mindsets that help colleagues, clients and/or families rethink how addiction and recovery shape our lives, workplaces and communities. Leadership teams work with me prior to a workshop so the material is customized, targeted and a reflection of the organization’s culture, beliefs and values.

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