Here are some nice things people and organizations are saying about Damon.

When Damon approached us, we knew he’d be a great fit. Damon jumped right in and immediately supported our youth using his yoga training, lived experience, strength and empathy. He consistently connected with folks by creating and holding space that encouraged others to build honest and meaningful connections. Damon is completely transparent about his own struggles and hurdles. His humour and honesty inspire trust and safety. We are so grateful to have Damon as an ongoing partner in our work with youth as they navigate the deepest and murkiest of waters.

— Katie Watson, Community Navigator, Roots to Harvest (Thunder Bay)

Damon is an exceptional man and teacher. He possesses a rare combination of heart, maturity, experience and expertise. Damon understands addiction and what’s required when we want to recover. I’ve met very few who know addiction and recovery as well as Damon. Anyone would be fortunate to work with Damon, so they’re guided into the light of recovery and freedom.

—    Tommy Rosen, author of Recovery 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life

When I first met Damon, I had made several attempts at sobriety. Damon inspired me to work hard and change my approach to getting sober. I have no doubt I would not be alive today without Damon’s continuous support and knowledge. He helped me set up a realistic and just-for-me plan that included so much: 12-step recovery, spirituality, psychology, nutrition, yoga and meditation. I always appreciate his down-to-earth “give ‘er” attitude and how much we laugh together. I am now six months sober and counting. I feel happy, joyous and free from addiction. I am eternally grateful to Damon for helping me.  

—    Alana K., hired Damon as a sober companion (six-month program)

Damon came into my life at the lowest point. I was full of hopelessness, despair and an utter lack of confidence in myself and others. I had tried different support systems and each time I had failed. Damon’s willingness to walk with me on my recovery journey has been life changing. Our work together is pivotal to my recovery. Damon offers a perfect combination of support, understanding and compassion. He has helped me move forward and through stages that I thought were too difficult to manage. Our weekly sessions are a highlight. I always know Damon is there ready to listen, offer valuable guidance and stand with me as I continue my journey.  

—    Daniel M., hired Damon as a sober companion (seven-month + program)